The program of the tour:

  • An excursion over Poltava: the Round square, the Museum of the Local Lore (the House of the Provincial District Council), the Cathedral square, the Museum-backyard of Ivan Kotliarevskyi, the Cathedral of Assumption of Blessed Our Lady, the monument to Poltava’s galushka, Spasska church, the Institute mountain, Poltava national technical university.
  • Opishia village – the capital of Ukrainian pottery,
  • An exceursion to Dykanka: Mykolaivska church (1794), Troitska church (1780),
  • The museum-reserve of Mykola Gogol in Gogolevske village,
  • The museum of the weddings in the V.Budychscha village along with the inspection of Saint-Troitskui church.



1 day: An arrival to Poltava. Upon the arrival, the check-in to the hotel. We will start your acquaintance with the city with its main sightseeing – the Museum of Poltava battle. During the tour of Poltava you will see the Round  square  with the Glory monument, the memorial of national value – the House of the Provincial District Council, where the Museum of the Local Lore is located now, we will visit the Cathedral square. Exactly here, on the Cathedral square, the Museum-backyard of Ivan Kotliarevskyi, the Cathedral of Assumption of Blessed Our Lady are located. The unique monument to Poltava’s galushka has been opened on this square. You will see  Spasska church (1706) and the monument built on the place of the rest of Peter the Great. You will visit the Institute mountain, where in the 19 century the Institute for Noble Maidens was located. Nowadays these housings are occupied by Poltava national technical university. The move to Dykanka. An acquaintance with the memorials of  Dykanka: Mykolaivska church with the glass cupola and mysterious subterranean, the shrine of  Kochubey prince family, ancient Troitska church, where the events of last Gogol’s work “The evenings of the farm near Dykanka” have taken place.


2 day: The breakfast at the hotel. The check-out from the rooms. The departure to the capital of Ukrainian pottery to Opishnia village, where you will be able not only to get acquainted with the Ceramics museum, the history and peculiarities of the mastery of  Ukrainian potters but also to mold the pots and the souvenirs on the real potter’s wheel. And nearby, at the potter’s market, you will be able to buy enough ecologically clean products for cooking and keeping food etc. The lunch. The more to Gogoleve village – to the small motherland of the great Ukrainian writer Mykola Gogol. You will visit the House-museum, where he and his family have lived. The walk in the beautiful park. The return to Poltava. The dinner. The more to the train or bus station.

Additionally we can offer: the night excursion in the Museum of Poltava Battle, the Museum-backyard of Panas Myrnyi, the reservation of the tickets to the performances of Poltava regional musical drama theater named after Mykola Gogol.


The details and the coast of the tour can be specified with the tour manager by telephone numbers +380665158785, +380974482886 or by email 

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