Welcome to Poltava an ancient town above the Vorskla

Highlight tour takes place in an ancient part of the town and acquaints tourists with many-sided cultural heritage. You will visit the Heart of Poltava, Ivan’s mountain. It is high and picturesque hill, which rises above the river Vorskla. You will see the Khrestovozdvizhensky Monastery. This is one of the most important monasteries in Ukraine. It is historical interest as an example of Ukrainian Baroque architecture.

On the slope of Ivan’s hill there are The Kotlarevsky House Museum, the Cathedral bell tower, and the reconstructed Uspensky Cathedral. Within the limits of Poltava fortress there is The Church of our Savior (1706), it is the oldest one in the town.Welcome to Poltava an ancient town above the Vorskla

Tour circuit acquaints with the heart of the Poltava Governorate, the city’s significant commercial streets all intersect in the city center at Corpusny park, a large, circular roundabout, Poltava Regional Museum.

Journey to the state historic reserve Poltava Battle Museum will aquaint tourists with events and monuments of culture of the crucial Field of European history, priceless historical relicts which are exhibited in Poltava Battle Museum.

Additionally we can offer: the night excursion in the Museum of Poltava Battle, the Museum-backyard of Panas Myrnyi, the reservation of the tickets to the performances of Poltava regional musical drama theater named after Mykola Gogol.

The details and the coast of the tour can be specified with the tour manager by telephone numbers +380665158785, +380974482886 or by email ana-anna@ukr.net 

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